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State Projects

KY FBLA Camp 2022-2023

State Theme

Level Up with KY FBLA
Our theme this year is Level Up with KY FBLA! Everything in FBLA can be broken down into levels. From the BAAs and champion chapter challenges to the organization itself. We encourage you to grow in many ways this year, a few examples are running for office, aiming to place highly at regional and state competitions, and building positive relations with your community. Please be creative and help to level up yourself and your chapter this year with FBLA!

KY FBLA Camp 2022-2023

State Project

Blooming New Businesses In the Bluegrass
This years project revolves around showcasing small businesses in your area and helping them grow! It’s a collaboration between our Future Business leaders and our Current Business leaders. Assisting small businesses could be a variety of things, helping them move, volunteering, or helping with advertising! There are so many ways that you can assist Small Businesses in Blooming in the Bluegrass State!

KY FBLA Camp 2022-2023

2023-2024 KY FBLA Goals

Goal 1: Increase or Maintain Chapter Membership

Goal 2: Encourage Member and Chapter Participation in FBLA programs

Goal 3: Participate in Community Service Activities   

Goal 4: Enhance Communication and Visibility of FBLA

Goal 5: Increase Exposure to FBLA Middle Schools and/or High Schools that do not currently have an active chapter

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