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Kentucky FBLA

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the new website! Check back often for announcements, helpful resources, competitive event information, and more.

Kentucky FBLA is a nonprofit student organization committed to preparing today’s students for success in business leadership. With over 75 years of experience, Kentucky FBLA is the premiere organization for student leaders. 



#1 National Program Champion Chapter

Franklin-Simpson High School



2021-2022 National Competitive Event Winners

State Theme

KY FBLA Your Blueprint For Tomorrow emphasizes how KY FBLA helps you lay out the foundation for your future. A strong foundation is key when it comes to building your life. You can incorporate this in your chapter through networking, leadership, and jumping into your FBLA programs.

State Project

Turn off, Take Charge will focus on improving social skills by turning off electronic devices and taking charge in your community. This project can range from reducing your screen time to organizing an electronic- free hike, and/ or providing community service without the help of technology.

2022-2023 State Goals

Goal 1: Increase or Maintain Chapter Membership

Goal 2: Encourage Member and Chapter Participation in FBLA programs

Goal 3: Participate in Community Service Activities   

Goal 4: Enhance Communication and Visibility of FBLA

Goal 5: Increase Participation in Champion Chapter Challenges

Recent News

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