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Insights from Kentucky FBLA's Experience at NFLC 2023

KY FBLA at NFLC 2023

The National Fall Leadership Conference was a huge success with over 300 Kentucky FBLA members in attendance at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas. Members attended various informative and beneficial workshops while creating connections with members from other states. Later in the week, Kentucky FBLA hosted a state meeting where members got to network with other students, engage in a scavenger hunt, and other interactive games. Students were able to attend the Dallas Rodeo, visit AT&T Stadium with the Dallas Cowboys play, hockey game, medieval times, Dallas stockyards, and more.

KY FBLA Awards at NFLC 2023

We're pleased to announced Kentucky FBLA was recognized as the Largest State Chapter in Attendance and Bullet East High School received the award for Largest Local Chapter in Attendance, with 53 members travelling to Dallas. Also, Weston Stewart and Korrie Purcell also received a prize of $500 dollars from Office Max for their school.

Hear from a few of the KY FBLA State Officers about their experience at NFLC 2023:

During Friday’s sessions, I received vital information to use for my competitive event. These tips will hopefully allow me to attend NLC again this school year. I also participated in the Wisconsin Business track that allowed me to make my own business plan with students from other states. I also attended workshops on growing myself as a leader and as a person.

JR McFarland

One of my favorite activities I participated in during a workshop at NFLC, was learning successful marketing tactics for online content. In the workshop, we learned the different strategies that Mr. Beast, a popular content creator, uses for his Youtube videos. At the end of the workshop, we split into groups and got to use these strategies to map out our own video of a topic of our choice.

Kacey McCray

The workshops I attended were fun and engaging!! I learned about different leadership styles, what it takes to be a successful leader, how to be self-aware, and have a good character. One of my favorite quotes that I heard while I was in

my workshops was “Success demands Responsibility”.

Nate Brothers

At this years NFLC in Dallas, I had the opportunity to attend multiple workshops and learn some different skills. One of my favorites was a workshop were we learned how to work as a team and use the skills they gave us to make our teams better.

Mason Horton

I enjoyed my workshops because I met members from other states and they showed insight on how we can implement different processes at our chapters. I learned how to be a strong leader and how FBLA will better your future!

Laren Hitt

I enjoyed learning about the steps I need to take to transition from being a student to taking on a profession. I also was able to learn about what methods people use to have a career on YouTube by working with my group to sketch a mock YouTube video.

Caine Cummins

I learned in my workshops that everyone’s college application journey is different, no one is too far behind. Also, I learned how to make eye-catching YouTube thumbnails like Mr. Beast.

Audrey Clarkson

The workshops at NFLC Dallas were truly life-changing. I took the Elements of a High-Performing Team and Officer Leadership Lab tracks. These tracks exposed new viewpoints and ways of thinking when it comes to teamwork and leadership. From real estate to fundraising, I had many amazing opportunities to network with entrepreneurs and experts in their fields.

Ezra Foote

My favorite workshop definitely has to be The Business World. We were randomly selected to a table with people we didn’t know and had to create a business within 2 hours. I really enjoyed this workshop because it allowed me to think outside the box and meet new people!

Alexis Davidson


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