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Introducing the 2023 SLC Keynote Speaker, Jeremy Taylor!

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Jeremy Taylor is a former public educator who used to teach social studies and coach basketball, but now he's an inspirational speaker, leadership trainer, and personal development coach. He has a passion for meeting people where they’re at and helping them grow through life.

His mission is to help people see their value, recognize their potential, and live out their existence, as he has had the privilege and pleasure of doing so by speaking to tens of thousands of people - people of all ages and many different backgrounds. Jeremy operates with the belief that everybody can encourage somebody.

He and his wife, Jaala, along with their son, Miles, reside in Somerset, Kentucky.

Join us Monday Evening, April 17th, for Show Up, Serve Others. Business attire is required for students, advisers, and guests in order to attend.


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